Room: Edison D

Presenting Wednesday through Thursday

ADA Technologies, Inc.
1.         Mitigating Cell-to-Cell Thermal Communication During Thermal Runaway Events in Batteries; Presented by Kevin R.

Amphenol Advanced Sensors
2.         Layering of Sensor Technologies for Robust Early Detection of Thermal Runaway; Presented by Brian E.

Chalmers University of Technology
3.         Gas Emissions at Overcharging, Overheating and External Fire for Commercial Lithium-Ion Batteries; Presented by Bengt-Erik M.

4.         Case Studies in Failure Analysis: Cell Quality Assessment, Swell Rate Prediction and Root Cause Investigations; Presented by Hernan S.

Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering and Technology
5.         Failure Analysis of Swelling in Prismatic Lithium-Ion Batteries During Their Cycle Life After Long-Term Storage; Presented by Seon-Hong L.

University of Maryland
6.         Prediction of Two-Stage Degradation Behavior Using Accelerated Cycle Life Testing and Identification of Knee Point; Presented by Weiping D.

University of North Carolina at Charlotte
7.         Lithium-Ion Battery Safety Behavior upon Mechanical Abusive Loading; Presented by Xiang G.

University of Wuppertal
8.         Validation of BMS Functional Safety by Means of Virtual Failure Injection and Hardware-in-the-Loop; Presented by Stefan B.

9.         EVERLASTING - Safety Investigation and Management of Li-Ion Batteries for Road Application; Presented by Khiem T.