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Solid-state batteries are well positioned to be the breakthrough that will help to propel advanced battery technologies to the next level of global adoption. With significant increases in energy density and vastly improved safety, solid-state batteries show significant promise if their costs can be brought in line with other competing battery chemistries. This unique virtual summit will cover the global solid-state battery ecosystem from multiple angles including advances in chemistry, engineering and safety as well as cost control strategies by manufacturers with an outlook on the forecasted market expansion for China, Japan, Korea, Europe and the United States.

2021 Conference Topics Will Include:

Strategies for Lowering Material and Production Costs

Pack Design Methods

Cell and Pack Manufacturing Methods

Manufacturing Scalability

Considerations of Safety

Lifetime Durability

Applications and Market

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Craig Wohlers speaks with QuantumScape CTO Dr. Tim Holme

Craig Wohlers speaks with Solid Power CTO Josh Buettner-Garrett

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