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Present a Poster and Save $50

Cambridge EnerTech encourages attendees to gain further exposure by presenting their work in the poster sessions. To secure an onsite poster board, your submission must be received, and your registration paid in full by July 14, 2023.

Register and indicate that you would like to present a poster.  Once your registration has been fully processed, we will send an email with a unique link and instructions for submitting your materials.  Please see below for more information.

Reasons you should present your R&D findings at this conference:

    • Your research will be seen by leaders from top commercial, academic and government institutes
    • Discuss your research and collaborate with interested attendees and speakers
    • Your poster title and description will be published on our conference website
    • Receive a $50 discount off your Commercial or Academic/Government registration.

    All scientific poster presentation materials will include:
    • Poster title
    • Short text-only description for publication (70 word limit; about 500 characters)

    Poster Presentations will be held In-Person at the event venue.  In-Person Attendees will bring a one-page PRINTED poster to the event. PRINTED posters should be portrait (vertical) orientation, 4 feet high, 3 feet wide. 

    Additional information:
    • Initial instructions with submission link are general and sent automatically. They may have slightly different requirements than what is needed for this event.  Follow-up, conference-specific instructions will be sent.
    • Your poster title and short text-only description will be published on our website. We will not be collecting or publishing your poster presentation.
    • Posters will be available In-Person only.  Posters will not be available virtually.

    General Poster Information:

    Presentation content should be scientific and relevant to the conference topic. Advertisements or solicitations will not be approved.

    Your registration must be paid in full and your poster materials received by the conference's poster deadline to be considered for a poster presentation. If your content is not received and approved by the poster deadline, the poster discount, if eligible, will be reversed and your registration charged.


    We reserve the right to publish your poster content, in whole or in part, in any marketing materials or products, including but not limited to conference brochures, websites, program guides, speaker presentation links, CDs, DVDs, On-Demand conference proceedings, and social networking sites.

    Please verify your content has proper patent and/or company approvals prior to submitting poster materials.


    Poster inquiries: Email Jamie Ring for details.


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