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Sodium-ion (NA-ion) batteries have emerged as a potential alternative to traditional Li-ion battery technologies. The energy densities of Sodium-ion are lower but comparable to Li-ion and they avoid or reduce the need of many critical elements required for Li-ion and provide increased cycling stability and safety. Sodium-ion can also be produced on the same manufacturing lines used for Li-ion, which also is a significant advantage for the scale-up of production. This meeting will give an in-depth overview on Sodium-ion battery development with specific focus on anodes, cathodes and electrolytes. Coverage will include: • Anode and cathode materials for NA-ion • Electrode comparisons between NA-ion and Li-ion • Liquid electrolytes • Overview of companies developing Na-ion technologies • Na solid state, Na-sulfur and Na-air applications • Cycling Stability and Safety • Increasing Energy Density • Costs • Sustainability of NA-ion batteries • Barriers to commercialization

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