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The enormous increase in the global demand for electric vehicles is driving the lithium-ion battery anode market to reach an estimated size of 21 billion dollars by 2026. The significant expansion of manufacturing globally by several of the prominent players are also fueling the growth of the anode industry. This meeting will examine the latest advancements in next generation anodes for lithium-ion battery applicatons from the key organizations pushing the technology forward and will examine how the industry is scaling up manufacturing capacity globally. Coverage will include: • Advancements in Anode Materials • Battery Performance and Cost • Connecting Pack Performance to Anode Targets • Advancements in high capacity Si Anodes • Scale up of new materials • Polymer binder analysis • Alternative high energy metals • Si-Sn Alloy Materials • Functional Polymer Binders • Si Surface Modification • Additive Electrochemistry • Overcoming challenges such as particle cracking, particle isolation, and electrode delamination

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