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Advancing Energy Storage with a Focus on Sustainability and Efficiency

Sodium-ion batteries are being explored as a viable substitute for conventional Li-ion battery technologies. Sodium is more abundant and less expensive than lithium, leading to lower manufacturing costs, and the potential for large-scale energy storage systems applications. While the energy densities of Sodium-ion batteries are somewhat lower than those of Li-ion batteries, they remain comparable. Moreover, Sodium-ion batteries eliminate or minimize the reliance on several critical elements necessary for Li-ion batteries, offering enhanced cycling stability and safety. This conference aims to provide a comprehensive overview of Sodium-ion battery development.

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The Sodium-Ion Battery Conference is co-located with two other exciting events:

Solid-State Battery Summit
Lithium-Sulfur Battery Seminar

2024 Featured Speakers

Ilias Belharouak, PhD

Ilias Belharouak, PhD
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Christopher Johnson, PhD

Christopher Johnson, PhD
Argonne National Laboratory

David Mitlin, PhD

David Mitlin, PhD
University of Texas Austin

Colin Wessells

Colin Wessells
Natron Energy

2024 Conference Topics

Coverage will include, but is not limited to:

Sodium-ion market overview

Sodium-ion cost analysis

Anode, cathode and electrolyte chemistries and design

Cycling stability and safety

Manufacturing and scalability

Most suitable applications for sodium-ion

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