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Cambridge EnerTech (CET) is the premier conference and exposition provider for the energy storage industry. CET was established by uniting six leading energy conferences (International Battery Seminar & Exhibit, Advanced Automotive Battery Conferences - US & Europe, Lithium Battery Power, Battery Safety and Next Generation Batteries) into a remarkable single portfolio where thought leaders address novel technology as well as leading issues confronting the industry across multiple applications. Combined these events have provided a gateway for energy storage professionals for over 70 years.

Cambridge EnerTech’s mission is to aid the expansion of the energy storage industry by providing forums for superior educational and networking experience. This mission includes honoring the legacy each of the events have to offer, with a firm commitment to maintain their strong position within the industry. We are dedicated to aiding innovation by providing forums for education and information exchange to encourage the study of, and improve the science and practice of rechargeable technology.

How is Cambridge EnerTech related to Cambridge Innovation Institute (CII)?
Cambridge EnerTech is one of the two divisions of Cambridge Innovation Institute. The other division is Cambridge Healthtech Institute.

Who is Cambridge Innovation Institute?
Cambridge Innovation Institute delivers cutting edge information through events, publishing, and training to leading commercial, academic, government and research institutes across the life science and energy industries. Cambridge Innovation Institute consists of two business areas; our coverage of advances in life sciences under the well-established Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI) brand, and coverage of rechargeable batteries under the newly established Cambridge EnerTech (CET) brand. We focus on high technology fields where research and development are essential for the advancement of innovation.



Advanced Automotive Battery Conference

June 24-27, 2019 • San Diego, CA


The 18th annual AABC event brought together  670 battery technologists  from Tesla, GM, Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Volkswagen, Honda, Daimler, Fiat Chrysler, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Mazda, Hino Motors, Lion Electric, Faraday Future, NIO, Rivian Automotive, Uber, plus the entire battery supply chain. AABC will continue to attract international thought leaders and chief battery technologists from major automobile makers and their suppliers to discuss key issues impacting the technology and market of advanced vehicles and the batteries that will power them. As the electric vehicle market expands amid increasing pressure from looming regulatory deadlines, the need to develop batteries with better performance and lower cost has never been stronger. AABC is committed to providing an invaluable opportunity to delve into these challenges, discuss breakthroughs and best practices, and learn from the researchers and engineers who are bringing these technologies forward to consumers.





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