Improving Lithium Ion Battery Reliability with X-Ray Particle Contaminants Analysis: An Introduction to the EA8000

Join Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science as we share the technology behind our EA8000 X-Ray Particle Contaminants Analyzer. The EA8000 is designed to help lithium ion battery (LiB) manufacturers improve the safety, performance and yield of their product. The analyzer is engineered to rapidly detect and analyze unwanted metal particles within the battery.

In this presentation, we will take a look into lithium ion battery structure and the effect that contaminants have on them. We will explore how the EA8000 is able to be integrated into the LiB production process to improve performance and reliability. This includes use in material testing, process management, and failure analysis.


  • Principles of lithium ion battery structure
  • Explore the effect of particle contaminants
  • Introduction of EA8000 x-ray particle contaminants analyzer
  • Use EA8000 in the lithium ion battery processes


Johannes EschenauerJohannes Eschenauer
Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science

Johannes Eschenauer is an XRF expert with over 12 years in the XRF industry. He has held several position in the global automotive, machinery and printed circuit board industry and is very well experienced in XRF technologies. He studied and became a mechanical and electronics engineer at SIEMENS in Germany, and went on to hold several roles with companies such as HELBAKO GmbH, DYNAPERT GmbH, and Häusermann GmbH before joining Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science.