This presentation describes a new paper-based material that performs as a fire-resistant shipping wrap designed to prevent catastrophic thermal events during lithium-ion battery transport. The paper wrap employs a novel technology that actively and automatically cools a container's internal environment. The second half of the presentation describes the rigorous thermal runaway safety tests by an SAE-G27 certified lab, the Canadian Research Facility. The results are impressive.


This webinar will cover the following key topics:

  • A description of the technology of a simple light-weight paper wrap to prevent thermal runaways
  • A demonstration of protection methods to wrap lithium-ion batteries to suppress fumes and gasses from escaping during transport to prevent catastrophic events
  • An analysis of the results of the proposed SAE-G27 tests and its unique results
  • New products on the horizon for manufacturers


Rodger MortRodger Mort
PACT ThermoShield

Rodger Mort is a veteran of the corrugated packaging industry. For over 26 years, he has worked in broad-ranging positions from overseeing corrugated facilities to process engineering roles specializing in trouble shooting corrugated solutions for efficiency improvements. As a certified Lean Manufacturing Trainer in the state of Pennsylvania, Mort is well-versed in helping companies increase productivity and profitability. In 2011, he became the General Manager at PACT, and thereafter, President and Partner which he remains today. Mort plays a critical role in new product development and testing of crating products and has been heavily involved in the ground-up development of PACT’s lithium-ion battery wrap, ThermoShield, along with its numerous years of design and rigorous testing.

John KincaideJohn Kincaide
Founder & CEO &

After graduating from Wilfrid Laurier University, John has over 37 years of career experience in transportation and recycling. Since 2010, his company has recycled millions of batteries to end-of-life battery processors in both Canada and USA. For years, the company has awarded EPA/Environment Canada export permits to allow clients to access to the best end-of-life battery processors for their type of batteries in both USA and Canada. reuses batteries for energy storage for agricultural demand charge and renewable energy applications. In addition, he advises on lithium-ion and other battery transportation regulations and is currently the Battery Recycling Committee and 2ndLife subcommittee co-chairman.


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