The production process for high-performance lithium-ion battery (LiB) cells used in electric vehicles, energy storage systems and other applications has to adhere to very high-quality standards to ensure optimum cell performance, cell safety and improved battery life. Key to this is the accurate and reliable measurement of LiB electrode components for dependable process control. While certain technologies have been around for years to measure the anode and cathode coating weight and electrode thickness, they lacked the measurement resolution and reproducibility needed to enable cell manufacturers to optimize the electrode quality and performance. Greater measurement capabilities are required for today’s exacting, high-performance energy storage devices.

This Podcast reviews the latest developments in measurement technology that provide manufacturers with greater process and product visibility (and control) of their coating and roll press lines. This insight helps LiB cell manufacturers to better understand the dynamics of these processes, enabling the production of cells with better and more consistent electrode coating and thickness uniformity. This Podcast also discusses how partnering with an experienced and knowledgeable provider of measurement and controls technology can help improve LiB production today and enable innovations leading to better batteries for more demanding future applications.


  • Learn about the latest technologies for LiB electrode component measurement
  • Get an inside view on what is driving measurement innovation
  • Understand how process visibility can greatly improve process control
  • Find out what to look for in a measurement and controls solutions provider


Gareth JosephGareth Joseph
Global Business Director
Energy Storage Materials Solutions
NDC Technologies

Mr. Gareth Joseph is a veteran of the high-tech measurement and controls industry. For over 27 years, he has worked with industry-leading organizations to solve a broad scope of on-line gauging applications; first with Eurotherm Gauging Systems as an Applications Engineer and Infrared Calibration Specialist, and most recently with NDC Technologies as its Business Director focused on Energy Storage Materials solutions. His contributions have enabled the world’s foremost manufacturers to improve product quality, increase productivity, boost process efficiencies and realize production savings. Mr. Joseph holds a B.Eng in Integrated Engineering and has resided in Singapore for the past 13 years.