This presentation describes two main types of calorimetric techniques which can be used to carry out performance and safety testing on batteries. These are isothermal calorimetry and adiabatic calorimetry. THT’s new developments in isothermal calorimetry are presented. These devices are focused on high sensitivity measurement which is required for smaller cell sizes from coin cells to 21700 cells. The second half of the presentation covers battery testing methods for the ARC® adiabatic calorimeter system. The theoretical background of the test method is described and recommended practice for various types of testing are discussed.


This webinar will cover the following key topics:
• Principles of isothermal calorimetry for batteries
• Introduction to the Isothermal Battery Calorimeter and example data
• Theoretical background to ARC® testing
• Recommended ARC® testing practices and new instrument developments


  • Battery engineers
  • Battery research scientists
  • System/device design engineers
  • Saftey test technicians
  • R&D staff


Danny MontgomeryDanny Montgomery
Technical Performance Manager
Thermal Hazard Technology

Danny Montgomery has worked at Thermal Hazard Technology for more than 10 years. His current position is Technical Performance Manager. He manages THT’s test lab which has recently been expanded due to THT’s increasing cell testing workload. He joined the company after graduating from Southampton University with a master’s degree in physics. As well as managing the lab, Danny is involved with technical support, installation and training for THT’s calorimeter systems. He has provided training for battery and automotive companies around the world such as Panasonic, LG, Samsung, BMW and General Motors. Danny is based in THT’s head office in Bletchley, UK.